Since 1997, I’ve built an extensive career in digital engagement, online research, and program evaluation.

I’m not just a senior researcher and strategist, but also, I’m a practitioner who has worked his way up the ranks. I ran my first online social marketing campaign in 1998. Then in 1999, I joined the United Nations to run global online campaigns. In 2010, I completed a PhD on the science of online engagement. And now, I run AlterSpark, a consulting practice that specializes in digital research and online engagement.

I obtained my PhD in Online Social Marketing with the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, a world leading Internet research team. The world’s top e-health journal has published my research on the science of mass behaviour change technology. A number of organizations have asked me to share my expertise, including the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the annual International Conference on Persuasive Technology, and several Universities, including the University of Toronto, York University, and Johns Hopkins. I was further honoured when the Pentagon asked me to present my research for their Cyber Influence Project.

Some of my former employers and clients include the Government of Canada’s National Crime Prevention Centre, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United Nations Volunteers, the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Millennium Campaign, ActionAid International, Centennial College, Century 21 and Oxfam GB.

As a consultant and educator, I specialize in the intersection between online research and program evaluation, often using research to figure out what works. At the same time, I also specialize in the science of digital persuasion, and I’m now writing on a book on the topic.