Hi. My name is Brian.


I teach people how to use psychology for interactive design and marketing.

I also specialize in online research, data science
and I enjoy working on projects that combine
big-data with behavioral science.

Interested in digital psychology & emotional design?

I offer three workshops:

Emotional Design Psychology

In this workshop, you’ll improve your knowledge of human-centered design and online marketing by learning the neuroscience of user emotion, motivation, cognition, and behavior.

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Psychology for Digital Behavior Change

This is my classic workshop, where I’ll show you how to recognize and apply over 50 design psychology principles. You’ll learn to build digital products that are more intuitive, trusting, and motivating.

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Psychological Architectures of Digital Behavior Change

Building on my foundational workshop, in this class, I’ll show you how to combine psychological principles into highly influential design patterns, called Psychological Architectures.

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Have a team you’d like to train?

I offer corporate training
which I’ve run with teams at
Microsoft, Samsung, Salesforce, Yellow Pages,
several Government Departments,
and creative agencies.

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Are you a student or working for social causes?

As a rule, I give away free spaces
at my workshops to grad/PhD students
and people working to build a better world.

Visit my scholarship program to learn more.

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