Prior Speaking

Persuasive Psychology for Interactive Design

The Persuasive Communication Model: Social Psychology for Social Media

    York University (20 February 2013)

The Persuasive Communication Model: Feedback and persuasive interventions

    Consumer Informatics and Public Health (12 February 2013)
    University of Toronto

The Epistemology of Web Metrics: How to critically assess metrics and reach conclusions

    Metrics 101 (7 February 2013)
    Centennial College

Countering Online Extremists with Persuasive e-Campaigning

    For the Cyber Influence Project (28 Aug 2012)
    United States Department of Defense (The Pentagon)

Digital persuasion to attract and retain talent

    Social HR Camp Toronto (23 August 2012)

Freako-Network Analysis — Social Network Analysis and International Relations

    Toronto Data Science Group (26 June 2012)

Psychology of Social Media in Human Resources

    Radical Planet (7 June 2012 )

Workshop on the social psychology of social media

Digital Persuasion Equation – The science of online influence

Workshop on the psychology of websites & social media

    AlterSpark (2 June 2011)

Managing Your Relationships

The psychology of websites and social media campaigns

Health Promotion with Social Media

Health changing websites–AlterSpark and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Internet Research Methods and Impact Evaluations

Social Media for Public Relations and Citizen Engagement

Internet Research Methods for Impact Evaluations (TOP RATED)

Basic Efficiency Resource: A Framework for Measuring the Relative Performance of Multi-Unit Programs

Third Tuesday Measurement Matters

Advocacy Evaluation Case Study:Evaluating Oxfam’s Climate Change Campaign

The Psychology of Mass-Interpersonal Behavioural Change Websites

    Medicine 2.0. (2009)
    Centre for Global eHealth Innovation

Communication-Based Influence Components Model

    Persuasive 09 (2009)
    University of Claremont.
    Claremont, USA.

Selling e-Campaign Behaviours like e-Commerce Products

    World Social Marketing Conference (2008)
    National Social Marketing Centre
    Brighton, UK

Website Credibility, Active Trust and Behavioural Intent

    Persuasive 08 (2008)
    University of Oulu.

A Social Marketing Website You Can Trust

    National Social Marketing Conference (2007)
    National Social Marketing Centre.
    Oxford, UK

Can Brotherhood be Sold Like Soap…Online?

    Persuasive 07 (2007)
    Stanford University
    Stanford, USA

Online Social Marketing: Investigating Online Interaction and Offline Behavioural Change

    Communication Technologies of Empowerment. University of Leeds (2007)
    Leeds, UK

Internet psychology, persuasion and the media equation

    eCampaign Forum (2007)
    Fair Say, the Oxford Internet Institute, and Oxfam
    Oxford, UK

The Digital Pulse of an International Anti-Poverty Campaign

    Information, Communication & Society 10th Anniversary International Symposium (2006)
    York University
    York, UK

Methodology and Findings from a Review of Campaign Websites

    Quantitative Methods for Internet Research (2006)
    University of Wales.
    Aberystwyth, UK

Presentation on International Volunteer Day 2003 Report

    The International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) conference (2004)

Social Marketing, the Internet and Volunteerism

    The International Symposium on Volunteering (2001)
    Geneva, Switzerland

Presentation and workshop on the International Year of Volunteers 2001.

    IYV Workshop (2001)
    SOROS Foundation and UN Volunteers
    Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

*all public speaking has been done in Toronto, Canada, unless otherwise stated