What they’re saying about Brian

Below are some  responses that I’ve received, in reaction to my presentations and workshops. You can also read what people are saying about my consulting practice.


“Enjoying the Psychology of Social Media session with @cugelman. Mirrors a lot of the reading I’ve been doing and adds more. #pcto2012″ “One of the best presentations at #pcto2012: Social Psychology of Social Media.”
Dave Fleet
Senior Vice President, Regional Client Relationship Manager at Edelman


“Memorable takeaways included Brian Cugelman’s communication framework, which is a unification and reinforcement of scattered communications literature. It’s excellent, and I encourage you to contact him directly, or perhaps speak with him at the next WAWTO. It’s absolutely solid.”
Christopher Berry
Data scientist and marketing scientist
Co-Founder of Authintic


“Brian Cugelman’s presentation was so well thought out, and really gave a ‘path’ to follow when embarking on one’s own projects.”
“Brian Cugleman. Very interesting and useful. He told me things I didn’t know!”
“A toss up between Brian Cugelman, xxxx and xxxx. All of their talks gave me fantastic takeaways for my work that provides more framework materials for my strategic methodology.

Anonymous comments from eatStrategy


“Terrific – nice examples, grounded in theory”
Gunther Eysenbach, MD MPH
Senior Scientist, Associate Professor at UHN
University of Toronto


“This is an amazing deck.”
Amit Ranjan
Co-Founder & Chief operating officer
SlideShare Inc.


“The information you furnished here will be of great help to others especially those who are using social media campaigns as a marketing strategy.”
Virtual Assistant Inc.


“Your presentation ‘Psychology of websites and social media campaigns’ is currently being featured on the SlideShare homepage as one of the ‘Top Presentation Of The Day’. It is one of the very few presentation that has been selected to be featured, amongst the thousands of presentation uploaded to SlideShare daily.”
SlideShare Team


“Your presentation ‘Psychology of websites and social media campaigns’ is currently being featured on the SlideShare homepage as one of the ‘Top Presentation Of The Day’”
SlideShare Team


“Brian’s presentation was excellent both in the way he presented a complex and timely topic as well as in his presentation technique. Kudos!”
Robin Macrae
Internet Strategist, Information and Workspace Architect
Workspace Builders


“Thank you Brian for a brilliant presentation back on Saturday afternoon, you gave us a lot of food for thought.”
William Smith
PR and Marketing Professional, Writer, Photographer and Blogger


“I enjoyed it very much as well. It re-energized my love for Ux!”
Daniele Rossi
User interface designer and illustrator


“Thanks, I got some great ideas for redesigning a site of mine thanks to some of the examples in your slides.”
Kim Kay


“Great deck, it is the framework that designers need to sit on.”
Stephen Quan


At the Canadian Evaluation Society’s annual conference in 2010, Dr. Cugelman facilitated a four-hour workshop on Internet research methods for impact evaluations, drawing heavily on AlterSpark evaluations for the United Nations and Oxfam GB. Participants were invited to rate each workshop, and hand their evaluations to the conference organizers. The Canadian Evaluation Society’s independent evaluation showed that 83% of participants ranked AlterSpark’s workshop with the highest possible satisfaction rating.
Canadian Evaluation Society’s 2010 annual conference
Optimizing the Practice of Evaluation