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Brian Cugelman, PhD

Brian Cugelman, PhD is an expert in applying behavioral psychology to digital media. He has over 20-years of experience working at the intersection of technology and behavior change programs.

Over his career, Brian has worked in digital behavior change, for local and global organizations, covering the private, non-profit and governmental sectors.

He had extensive experience with organizations that aim to shift public and political attitudes; and now trains professionals on how to use behavioral psychology, to impact online behavior.

His consulting practice specializes in the application of big data and behavioral science to psychology-driven communications, based on personality neuroscience.

Brian publishes regular scientific papers, teaches at York University, and speaks at numerous public events on the fusion of psychology, digital media, and behavior change.


  • Lecturer at York University, Faculty of Health
  • Honorary Research Fellow with the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, the University of Wolverhampton
  • Senior Scientists and Educator with AlterSpark


Topics Brian can discuss:

  • Reading people’s personality and emotional states with data
  • Using psychology to design behavior change campaigns and technology
  • Algorithms for optimal psychological strategies, based on a person’s personality
  • Running and evaluating social change campaigns, from the local to global level
  • The actual impact of behavioral psychology, and social influence campaigns
  • How scientists and companies use online data for research or private uses


Credentials & experience:

  • PhD in online behavior change
  • Completed his PhD with a world leading big-data social science research group
  • Published over 20 scientific and industry papers, on digital behavior change
  • Taught over 1,500 professionals how to apply psychology to behavior change technology
  • Attracted clients from United Nations agencies, Federal Ministries, and private sector clients, including Microsoft, Apple, Salesforce, PayPal, LinkedIn, Samsung, Oracle, SAP, Dell, Uber, and Disney, and numerous prominent Canadian companies
  • Carried out impact studies, on social change programs for the United Nations, global NGOs, health agencies, crime prevention programs, and more
  • Worked 7-years for the United Nations, running digital campaigns, with 5-years focused on shaping civil society and government policy and practice
  • Educated Pentagon officials, on using psychology to counter online extremism. Brian’s invitations was authorized by an official 3-levels below US President Obama
  • In the National Center for Crime Prevention, of Public Safety Canada, Dr. Cugelman worked in research on programs designed to stop Canadian youth from becoming criminals
  • Evaluated some of the world’s largest campaigns and global lobbying networks, including the United Nations Millennium Campaign, and Oxfam’s Global Climate Change Campaign
  • Teaches at York University, in the Faculty of Health


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