Publications & Articles


How Digital Behaviour Change Interventions Work
In this article, I will show how digital behaviour change interventions work and discuss the art and science used to build them. However, I spent three years studying these technologies, and in order to explain how they work, I also need to explain my person struggle to use, reject and reformulate existing guidelines and concepts into a new model for building digital health behaviour change interventions and campaigns.


Scientific papers

Online Interventions for Social Marketing Health Behavior Change Campaigns: A Meta-Analysis of Psychological Architectures and Adherence Factors
The result of a two-year study, this paper draws on scientific papers to assess the impact of psychological website design on users’ behaviour. It provides a template for practitioners wishing to design websites that can influence how people think and act.

Communication-Based Influence Components Model
This paper presents a model used to describe the psychology of online behavioural change interventions. It then shows how the model works by describing the common features in over thirty online behavioural change websites.

The dimensions of website credibility and their relation to active trust and behavioural impact
This research paper examines the relationships between website credibility, users’ trust, and their willingness to be more involved in a social campaign. It examines the dimensions of website credibility and discusses how to design stronger online campaigns.